Austin TX Chiropractic Neurologist Alleviates Slipped Disc Pain Safely

The professional with the title of chiropractic neurologist provides care for a herniated discs just as the chiropractor does. The difference between these two chiropractors is the extent of the educational requirements of each. The chiropractic neurologist serves clients, plus, consults with physicians and other health care practitioners on difficult to evaluate cases. Those who visit Austin Chiropractic Neurology may have an enigmatic brain and nervous system disorder that requires intensive care.

The advanced training that the this professional undergoes extends to the doctoral level. Following undergraduate education, he or she completes 4,200 hours of classroom, lab work and clinical experience. He learns to evaluate clients with an eye out for subtle functional changes in the nervous system. This ability is honed over years of study and clinical practice under the direction of a certified individual in this field.

Finally, the student takes and passes intensive exams, both oral and written, given by the American Chiropractic Neurology Board, to be board certified in the field. She will maintain a high level of knowledge on current advances by reading professional journals and completing sixty hours of continuing education annually.

A slipped disc is another way of saying herniated disc. The vertebrae make up the spinal column. Between these small hollow bones are intervertebral discs. They lie between all except for the atlas, which supports the head, and the axis, which is the second cervical vertebra. They serve as shock absorbers during movement.

When the cause of a herniation is difficult to identify, the chiropractor with neurological training to the doctoral level is consulted. Herniation results when a portion of the disc extrudes from between two vertebrae. The soft, gel-like center of each disc is contained within a tough outer shell. Therefore, when the disc slips, the soft inner portion remains contained.

Disc degeneration may first be expressed as mild back pain and build slowly. Then a sudden sneeze may cause the disc to herniate. An evaluation will indicate the optimal way to relieve pressure and allow the herniation to heal.

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