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Do you feel you’re all alone….are you not being understood or listened to….are you treated like just another number…do you feel that accepting a diagnosis does nothing to help the problem…are you frustrated that none of your doctors’ treatments have provided the results you want? If this sounds familiar then you owe it to yourself to read every word of this report. As a specialist in neurology, I have seen an ever increasing trend of women with uncanny similarities in their struggles to return to health, the far reaching effects of their bodily dysfunctions, and the frustrating (and sometimes heartbreaking) paths they have endured searching for help. But unfortunately, none of them had found anything to bring resolution. Hope was all but gone. They had found themselves starting to believe that all the doctors were right…there was nothing left that could be done but to accept the diagnosis and learn to live with it. That’s where I come in. As a doctor I have taken note of a specific pattern of failing health as a result of the fast paced, high pressure, and relentless demands on today’s woman, I call this the Modern Woman Syndrome. The Modern Woman Syndrome explains many health disorders including: acid reflux, sleep apnea, sleeplessness, indigestion, abdominal pain and bloating, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and many more which will be discussed shortly. The biggest distinction between the conditions listed above and the Modern Woman Syndrome is the CAUSE of these health disasters and the TREATMENT for how they can be resolved quickly and non-invasively.

I had a patient scheduled for her initial consultation and evaluation. She had her husband along with her. Through her tears during the consultation, she told me how no doctors or treatments have been able to help. That created a lot of fear for her. They were desperate to find help and hope.

Amy is 37 years old and the mother of two children. By all accounts she is friendly, beautiful, and intelligent. From sheer appearance the average person would assume this woman is no different from any other. There is no reason to suspect that Amy was quietly fading into a lesser form of herself. But when I gathered her history she began to tell me about all the ways her life was slowly eroding. Her health problems caused her to decline invites to parties and other

activities because fear of soiling herself in public. She had terrible Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) as a complication of her condition. Her IBS was controlling her life. Just the thought of going to a party or a parent teacher conference was exhausting and enough to cause anxiety and its ripple effects of headaches and irritability. The suffering was very clear. Not only had Amy lost out on experiencing various family and social activities due to her “embarrassing issues” like having to rush to the bathroom, fatigue, and panic attacks, but she has also endured multitudes of doctor visits with the hope to find what was wrong. She didn’t know if this was an intestinal problem, a hormone disorder, or was it all just “in her head”. She was seen by specialists in many different fields that performed exploratory exams on her colon, took blood, ordered: X-Rays, MRI’s, CAT Scans, Ultrasounds, and at the end of it all they still had no answers. Some doctors recommended surgery on the gastro intestinal (GI) tract and others prescribed medications. But Amy was scared of the dangers of surgery and was weary of the long term side effects of drugs. These options were especially not appealing since the doctors could not tell her what was the CAUSE of her problems in the first place. It was easy to understand why, with each doctor visited, Amy began to feel more and more hopeless.

After she dried her tears we began the examination. This was not achieved with million dollar machinery or degrading invasive testing but rather with an actual personalized exam. The true beauty of a properly performed consultation and exam is that at its completion, the true CAUSE of the patient’s problem rises to the forefront. This is vitally important because without knowing exactly what the CAUSE of the dysfunction is, how can a doctor expect to accurately address and repair it? I am a firm believer that a shot in the dark will seldom hit the target, that a shotgun approach is too broad to deliver pin point accuracy in health care, and that the only method worth my patients’ and my time and efforts is using powerful laser precision.

An hour and a half into her first visit, with all the information gathered the cause of Amy’s pain and embarrassment was very apparent. It made sense why nothing that had been picked up by previous CAT Scan, MRI, or barium X-Rays. This was not a structural problem that can show up on diagnostic tests, it is a functional problem. Yet with laser precision it was clear that the functional exam revealed a neurologically based dysfunction, the Modern Woman Syndrome.

The true CAUSE is neurologically based in the brain. And because the brain directly and indirectly controls every cell and function in the body, the Modern Woman Syndrome’s signs and symptoms affect most all areas of the patient’s life. Often times, side effects of this condition are mistakenly treated as the condition itself. This is the beginning of the maze that patients are forced to navigate alone and they often times get lost. And with only around 600 doctors worldwide equipped with the training and skill set to diagnose and treat this condition, it is easy to see how so many doctors and specialists were unable to provide Amy with any answers.


Often times, side effects of this condition are mistakenly treated as the condition itself.

This is the beginning of the maze that patients are forced to navigate alone and they

often times get lost.


As I explained the depth of the involvement of what was happening, both Amy and her husband were simultaneously hopeful yet weary. What I explained made perfect sense, was easily supported by science, and became clear why all of the other doctors missed it. It was time to reveal how we were going to get her life back. But first, it’s important for you to know why this happens in the first place.

Remember back when wild animals walked the earth and man’s biggest threat was coming across a big bear in the woods? Stuff like that happened, but not very often. Nowadays, the “threats” are traffic, debt, deadlines, bills, cell phones, work, school, husband, kids, in-laws and all the bad news on television.

Believe it or not, your brain actually perceives it all as a THREAT — of the same magnitude as a bear in the woods! And every time your brain perceives a threat, it responds. Over and over and over and over again it responds. Think about how many threats you’re dealing with every day…to get to an appointment on time, have the kids ready and behaving, provide meals, have work projects completed, to be there for your friends and family, etc. How many times is your brain firing? A LOT. And this constant pulling in every direction activates a “stress response” every time. The “relax response” stops working and the whole thing snowballs. And here’s what your life looks like when that happens…you’re constantly fatigued but you still can’t sleep at night, your stomach hurts because you’re constipated or have diarrhea or both in phases, your body and head ache, you are anxious, panicked, and irritable. As if that’s not enough you begin to gain weight, your skin breaks out, your hair falls out like never before, you have zero sex drive, you get depressed and would rather just stay in bed. And this is just the beginning.


After 5 years of dealing with this problem, in just minutes your explanations have made more sense and have answered more questions than I have been able to get

from all the other doctors combined. I appreciate the focus you have given me.

~Susan C. former Modern Woman Syndrome sufferer


3 Strikes and You’re IN

How to Know If You Have Modern Woman Syndrome

In recognizing the snowball effect, it becomes extremely important to identify the Modern Woman Syndrome in its stages. You can grade yourself on a 3-Strike system. Only here 3 Strikes and you’re IN the Modern Woman Syndrome. If you have abdominal bloating, constipation, gas, or heart burn/GERD/acid reflux you should consider yourself on alert…STRIKE 1. This is usually followed by your body trying to regain a sense of working normally which means hyperactivity of the bowels or diarrhea. When constipation and diarrhea repeatedly take place it is now called Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This means you have gut troubles…STRIKE 2. This type of gut problem is a lot more serious than just being uncomfortable or having a cramp in your style. It actually is a major sign that a chemical imbalance is developing in the brain. This explains why it is very common for you to develop the feelings of anxiety, overwhelming uncertainty, fear, panic attacks, and even depression. That is why your doctors want to put you on antidepressant drugs like Prozac, Lexapro, Paxil, Wellbutrin, Celexa, or other drugs like Xanax/Diazepam/Valium. But my patients tell me they don’t want to feel like drugged out zombies or be dependent on them for life or deal with the drugs’ side effects which are many. These side effects include nausea, headaches, clinching of teeth, drowsiness, dizziness, body weight changes, tremors, kidney and liver impairments, thoughts of suicide, and the list goes on. So it’s easy to understand why you don’t want to take these drugs and why you are not happy with your current treatment options. But if at the end of the day you still have these neurological brain imbalances that result

in a hyper-emotional state of being then…STRIKE 3, you’re IN. You have

Modern Woman Syndrome: Phase I.

As this neurological imbalance persists, the Modern Woman Syndrome turns into the next and more devastating level. During this time, your body’s glands and organs are stressed out, overworked and can’t keep up with the body’s demands. With this building chaos you feel more pronounced fatigue, aches, gut problems, apathy, anxiety, and depression. This is also when you gain weight regardless of the amount of exercise or how good the diet, when you loose abundant amounts of hair, and when a new facial expression overtakes your dominant appearance along with a sense of feeling defeated. I note this as a “flattened”, “listless”, or “defeated” appearance and is common in the chronic stages of the Modern Woman Syndrome.


when you gain weight regardless of the amount of exercise or how good the diet, when you loose abundant amounts of hair… along with a sense of feeling defeated…is common in the chronic

stages of the Modern Woman Syndrome.


As your gut is becoming more filled with improperly digested food, increased impaction of fecal matter and toxic waste, and its lining and walls become irritated, another cascade of dysfunction begins. This is what is known as a leaky gut.


Modern Woman Syndrome: Phase II

Leaky gut is the second and very damaging phase of the Modern Woman Syndrome. This is when what I call the hard diseases manifest. Some of which can be reversed and some which cannot.

To better understand what is happening to you during Phase II, imagine yourself going for a several mile walk with a stone in your shoe. You may be able to walk some distance with just being mildly annoyed but at some point the stone creates a structural problem…a painful blister. If you continue to walk with the stone in your shoe the blister will rupture. Now the barrier has failed between germs in your shoe and your blood supply. This may spark a greater bodily contamination…an infection. This infection triggers an immune response in the body geared toward killing the germs. These germs are recognized by your body’s self defense or immune system as “Foreign Invaders”. Your immune system will go to great lengths to completely annihilate these foreign invaders, or germs, and will not stop attacking until the germs are all destroyed.

This is what is happening to you when you have a leaky gut. Instead of thinking of the skin of your foot being the damaged barrier, think of your gastrointestinal tract leaking foreign invaders directly into your bloodstream. The big problem with this is that in place of just germs leaking through, you now have things like improperly digested food leaking through. Large proteins pass into the bloodstream that your body identifies as the “Foreign Invaders” and signals the immune system to attack anything that looks like that protein. The tragedy in this is that your body is made of proteins and now your immune system has mounted an attack against your own body. This is known as an autoimmune response and is the reason why the sense of perpetual fatigue and achiness will develop into a full blown autoimmune disease if untreated.

Autoimmune diseases include conditions as embarrassing as white flakey irritated dry skin like Psoriasis, intolerant or hypersensitive digestive system like Diverticulitis and Ulcerative Colitis, to more painful degenerative joint diseases like Rheumatoid and Psoriatic Arthritis and even crippling and sometimes life threatening neurological diseases like Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis. These are just a few examples of the many hard diseases that Phase II of the Modern Woman Syndrome can develop into. Yes, this is awful, but one solution does exist to specifically address and heal both phases of the Modern Woman Syndrome.


I Want To Share With You A Proven System For 

Healing the Modern Woman Syndrome


“I cannot thank you enough. After 18 years of extremely bad and embarrassing issues, I finally have complete relief. Only after seeing every ‘expert’ and having every test imaginable did I meet you…You were the only one who knew what was

going on…most importantly, how to fix it!!!” 

~Karen H. former Modern Woman Syndrome sufferer


Dysfunctional to Dynamo:

Reversing Years of Damage in 6 Just Weeks

In order to begin the transformational steps in becoming a former Modern Woman Syndrome victim, all factors must be addressed. This includes techniques to promote neurological, gastrointestinal, biomechanical, biochemical, nutritional, and cognitive functions. This is accomplished by a comprehensive treatment plan without any drugs or surgery. The Modern Woman Syndrome treatment plan has a few important constants. But as is true with healing YOU as an individual, a personal individualized plan must be created based solely on YOU. Therefore, when I develop your program, the specifics that your body requires can be different from another’s. But time after time the results are constant. If I was forced to describe this in one word it would be transformational.

Over a period of six weeks we will take steps that will balance the activities of the nervous system, repair the lining of the gastrointestinal tract, normalize gut function, enable restful sleep, boost energy, increase sex drive, restore your natural optimism, and more. In essence, you will return to the “joyful you”…full of life.

The details of how all this is accomplished are based on information gained through your consultation and physical exam. Only a comprehensive evaluation will let me know how to create your program to assure your transformation. I realize that this is likely a new approach and a lot of information to process. With that said, I also know your story and understand the frustrations and discouraging hopelessness you’ve faced up to this point. In addition, I have the advantage of knowing the repeated positive outcomes gained from the Modern Woman Syndrome program. It is because of this history of success and the lack of accurate help for today’s women that I am moved to bring this information to you.

This takes us full circle and back to Amy. It has been over a year since Amy was desperate, broken, hopeless, and living in fear and misery. Her case went like this: in three weeks her Irritable Bowel Syndrome of close to two decades was resolved; in four weeks she began to believe that this was not just some temporary treatment with temporary results and shortly thereafter she resumed the life she knew was hers to live. This included having fun with her kids, reconnecting and going out with friends, being able to exercise, not allowing anxiety to control her thoughts and actions, and shedding the label of being “dysfunctional”. Now over a year later with the contrast of “having it all taken away” and getting it back with more, Amy lives her life to the fullest. She ran her first triathlon and has a second already scheduled. She never thought she’d do such a thing. But discovering your potentials is that much more likely when you reclaim the full power of your mind and body.

Are Amy’s results extraordinary? YES. Are her results common? YES, if you have the Modern Woman Syndrome and follow the program I design for you. Is this too good to be true? NO. While this is great news for you, I need you to know that that this takes a real commitment from you. This transformation is not a total cakewalk and I cannot do it all for you. I will do and give you what you need for transformation and with your decision to reclaim your life; you will put your suffering behind you. While this does require some effort, I can guarantee that this is much less difficult than missing out on all the things in life that you deserve but don’t have now.


What’s next?

Call my office and request to receive a FREE DVD that is nothing more than the true accounts of former Modern Women Syndrome patients. This is simply what they experienced and what their results were. This is not a professional grade or scripted DVD; these are just patients who wanted to share their stories in order to help you get the same transformation. This was filmed by my assistant at my office with a dinky little camera. These patients were not paid nor were they coached on what to say. They merely responded to the statement of “Please describe your personal story, what you’ve been through, and where you are today” and “If you had to describe your experience in one word or phrase what would it be?” This will allow you to see the powerful results that these women now enjoy that you can have in just 6 about weeks. You may request this free DVD for FREE. On the other hand, if you are ready to begin your transformation now, call my office so we can reserve a time for you and I to meet. We are usually able to accommodate your appointment request within three weeks or better. This is our time to see if you’re a fit for what we can offer and if you are, your future is bright. I look forward to helping you get back the life you’ve been missing.


With the warmest sincerity,

To Your Pure Life Without Limits,





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