Pure Life Chiropractic Neurology is the only provider of the latest weight loss technology, the UltraSlim Red Light Laser. This technology is the only FDA approved laser proven for weight loss without diet or exercise. Patients participating in clinical trials experienced ZERO side effects and averaged over 3 inch loss in combined measurements of waist, hip and thighs. This loss occurs in ONE 32 minute session and it literally emulsifies the fat within your fat cells. The fat is then eliminated through your lymphatic system and waste.17362369_10155304526872122_4789595269094353502_n We guarantee a 2 inch loss in your first session or the second session is on us. If you think this technology is too good to be true, visit our Ultraslim Austin Weight Loss Facebook pageĀ and see some of our patient testimonials. Then call and book your first session! 512-306-9800